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Malmö Ideella is a collaborative organization that represents all associations in Malmö. Together with our members, which consist of 347 associations and 19 partner organizations, we reach 1,280 associations in the city.


Our ambition is to create a sustainable city through civil society and promote the feeling of a collective continuity, cooperation between members and act as a resource-creator for society.

Malmö Ideella works with inclusive and community-building activities as well as EU projects in various forms such as youth exchanges, seminars and volunteer service.

Malmö stads logga

The municipality is large and has extensive responsibilities in a number of different areas. According to the Local Government Act, governance in a municipality is based on the municipal council, which decides matters of a principled nature such as goals and guidelines for the activities and the municipality's organization.

In Malmö, the City Council distributes the responsibility for the implementation of the municipal assignment to the committees through the regulations and to the companies, primarily through the articles of association and ownership directives.

The municipality's assignments are largely regulated through legislation and national guidelines. The City of Malmö has a governance model with a far-reaching decentralized responsibility. In addition to the regulations and ownership directives, the long-term vision governs, among other things, through goals, special assignments and financial frameworks.

From the City of Malmö, the City Office, the Functional Support Administration and the Leisure Administration are active in the project.

Sensus logga

The Sensus study association will provide opportunities for development and learning in human encounters and through cultural experiences. Sensus works for active involvement in society and in the member organizations. Sensus Skåne-Blekinge conducts public education activities in the municipalities of Skåne and Blekinge counties, one of six regions within Sensus.

We want to develop, deepen and do activities that create commitment and that reflect what we want to be through study circles, cultural programs and other public education work. With us, different people meet to share, think freely, shape and reflect on life issues.  

Census is based on a rights-based approach. Everyone has the same rights, opportunities and obligations and must be treated equally. We offer tools so that people become aware of their rights, gain knowledge to question and defend both their own and others' rights.

NyföretagarCentrum Öresunds logga

NyföretagarCentrum Öresund is the engine in Malmö's business life when it comes to entrepreneurship and starting companies, everything from limited companies to non-profit associations. In the steering group as well as in the project, we contribute as a representative of the business community; with our commitment and knowledge of entrepreneurship, and also with our network in the business world consisting of partners, advisors, mentors, specialists and innovative new entrepreneurs.

NyföretagarCentrum Öresund's operations are based on a partnership with primarily the business community, after which we have collaborations with about 40 large and small businesses in various industries, and also with other business promotion organizations on both a formal and informal basis. It is today Sweden's largest New Entrepreneur Center with 15 advisers, several of whom have an international background. The advice is free, commercial and confidential.

The project is being implemented with support from the European Regional Development Fund.

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