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About the project

A collaborative project that runs until the spring of 2023


What does Malmö Together do?

Within the project, we test and develop forms of collaboration between different sectors and actors. We create incubators and highlight innovations and ideas. We contribute to and facilitate collaboration by creating contact surfaces between citizens, associations, the city and the private sector.  

The project is governed by a number of processes, where, for example, learning lunches, service innovations and green local economic analysis are included as activities, and where incubators and an innovation platform are to be developed and launched.  

The project is ongoing until the spring of 2023.

What is collaboration?

The UN's Global Goal 17 (Agenda 2030) emphasizes the importance of cross-sectoral cooperation. Within Malmö Together, the various sectors are represented with Malmö non-profit and Sensus study associations from the idea-driven sector, NyföretagarCentrum Öresund from the private sector and the City of Malmö from the public sector. With Malmö Together, we want to create local opportunities for collaboration and show how such collaboration, where we work together on local initiatives and contribute to the exchange of knowledge, can work in practice.  

What is meant by innovation platform?

The innovation platform can be both physical and digital. Citizens, companies and associations must be able to use the innovation platform to get their ideas and wishes about how Malmö as a city should be.  

What is an incubator?

An incubator can be compared to an incubator for ideas, innovations and companies, which provides support and resources for developing and realizing said ideas and innovations. Malmö Together will work to develop grassroots incubators that will be area-based and cross-sectoral. The grassroots incubators will focus on ideas stemming from local needs, encourage resident participation, support local collaboration and take advantage of ideas and solutions from civil society.

In Malmö today there are several different incubators, but the threshold for contacting them can be perceived as high. There are many different reasons for this - the assumption that incubators are only aimed at companies or entrepreneurs, and socio-economic or purely geographical reasons. With Malmö Together grassroots incubators, we seek out the ideas where they are to lower the threshold. We create conditions for all ideas to be noticed - large and small. No idea is too small and everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to their city, regardless of conditions. Together, we are building a more sustainable Malmö where we work together to develop solutions to various societal challenges.

How can you get involved? 

Malmö Together arranges a number of different events, everything from learning lunches to dialogue forums. Many events are open to the public and welcome all Malmö residents, without the need for prior knowledge and commitment or work in the area.  

Do you wonder something more or do you have an idea or innovation for a more sustainable Malmö that you want to share? Contact us to find out more about the project or our incubator business.

Write to us at or on Facebook or Instagram, where our name is Malmö Tillsammans.

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